1001 Spring Trail Covasna – more than a challenge

The beginnings…

In a time long lost, when fairies were still roaming the earth, great forces gathered, converging not in the North, nor in the South, but in the East… in an area now known as the Fairy Valley, located in the Eastern Carpathians.

However, one day the tranquillity of the area was disturbed by a collection of forces that protruded from the earth’s crust and brought with it a fiery gush of lava.

This resulted in a release of healing gases and springs that characterize the beautiful town Covasna, bearer of the name “The resort of 1000 healing springs”. The healing powers and breathtaking views of this land heal and energize the body and soul of every visitor.

If you feel intrigued, then come along to the “1001 Spring Trail Covasna – more than a challenge…” – an unforgettable adventure that gives you the chance to experience the magic of fairies, mofettes, spring water and ionized air!